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One-day masterclass – for editors and writers

In this one-day intensive, participants will learn how to analyse and critique the fundamental principles of fiction.

We will look at: —

  • Openings: does the novel open in the most effective and compelling way?

  • Viewpoint: is the narrative vantage point the best angle on the story?

  • Narrative voice: who should tell this story?

  • Tense: does the choice of tense add depth to the narrative or drain narrative tension?

  • Structure: does the current structure do justice to the plot and character trajectory?

  • Pace: does the story maintain tension? Does it move too quickly or too slowly?

  • Characterisation: are there too many characters, or too few? Are they adequately fleshed out?

  • Setting: does the setting contribute to the story’s mood and atmosphere? Does it intersect with character?

  • Backstory: how is back-story handled? Does it feel like an organic part of the narrative or awkwardly wedged in?

Drawing on examples, the course will indicate how to move from diagnosing a manuscript’s problems to finding solutions—what to do when a narrative seems out of focus, when the story lacks urgency, when characters are flat, when the plot feels unresolved, when structure lacks logic and propulsion.

Participants will come away with a clear sense of how to identify the shortfalls of their fiction manuscript and progress to the next draft with confidence and clarity.

Course details

Sunday 23 February

10am to 4pm

The Engine Room, 105 Wellington St, St Kilda.

Cost: $250

Please email me to secure your place.

Limited to fifteen participants.