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Toby Eady & Xinran’s Open Eyes to China

Nadine was selected to represent Random House and Australia on Open Eyes to China, a literary excursion to China organised by UK- based literary agent Toby Eady and author Xinran in April 2004.

She was one of eleven participants in a group of publishing practitioners from around the world. The trip was an introduction to China’s literary scene and designed to foster relationships between Chinese writers and Western publishers. Nadine has ongoing associations with many of the writers and publishers she met during this trip.

John Marsden Tye Estate Writers’ Conference

Nadine was invited to attend John Marsden’s January Writers’ Conference at Tye Estate in 2003. Each year, four editors attend the conference to provide editorial feedback to participants.

Varuna Residential Editorial Mentorship Program

In 2002, Nadine was awarded a place on the Residential Editorial Mentorship Program at Varuna Writers’ Centre. Twelve editors from around Australia were selected to attend the week-long workshop in which participants were mentored through the editing process by experienced practitioners.